Black Heart Tattoo – A Meaningful Way to Express Your Feelings to Your Loved One

Love is in the air. And as Valentine’s Day is nearly approaching, lovers are also about the express their feeling to each other. Although, love is not shown only if there’s an occasion, getting a black heart tattoo is one way to express feeling. As we all know, heart symbolizes love and getting a heart-shaped tattoo can be an excellent option to show how much give your love and care for the one who is in your heart. Tattoos last for a life time and it’s a commitment to get these inked in one part of your body. love lock

For over a long years, black heart tattoo has been introduced to the world, there are many recent improvement made by tattoo artists to make the design more appealing and attractive. Before, tattoos were only seen in simple designs. But as years turned into decade, there are newly arrived designs and techniques most tattooists used. These include, mixing several colors, additional images and more detailed designs.

Hearts with names

Oftentimes, this design is used as a meaningful way to express one’s love. Let’s say, you have a girl friend and you love her so much, you can decide to imprint her name in your skin as a sign of everlasting promise. Aside from heart shapes, most tattooists added several figures to make this design more fashionable and attractive. These include ribbons, brows, leaves, swords and flowers. If you’re really serious in relationship, heart with a name inside can be an excellent option to show your love.

Locked heart

Locked heart symbolizes permanent relationship. These are designs made with keys and other locking objects. Let’s say you have a girlfriend or a wife, both of you can decide to get lock heart tattoo that will help your relationship stand out. On one hand, the wife can decide to get inked with a heart shape. On the other hand, you can decide to get inked with a key that will open your wife’s or your girlfriend’s wife heart. Or maybe, you can have it vice versa.

Broken heart

It hurts to see your love one in the side of the other guy. But then you have to accept it. There are many fished on the seas and as you wish you can get hooked one. If red symbolizes love, black symbolizes sadness. And to express your sad feeling, you can commit to have black heart tattoo to help you overcome the feeling of being alone.