Finding the Best Skincare Products – Understanding the Ingredients

It’s unbelievable all the hype surrounding the best skincare ingredients and products. In order to separate out fiction from fact, it is imperative that we understand the skin and what it takes to keep it healthy. Believe it or not, there are even some skincare ingredients that will cause damage to the skin if used long term.

Let’s have a look at some of these damaging ingredients, along with the types of ingredients that support the health of the skin.

Avoid these Damaging Ingredients

Probably the most damaging ingredients for your skin is mineral oil. It is used in skincare products because it makes the skin feel “nice”, but can very quickly cause problems. Mineral oil clogs the pores, trapping dirt and bacteria. This often causes blemishes to develop.

Another reason mineral oil causes problems is it keeps our skin from breathing. The skin is designed as a means of eliminating toxins from the body. When we slather skin creams on it that block the pores, those toxins can become trapped. In some cases this can even lead to unexplained health problems. The best skincare products will work to keep the skin clear and help maximize the elimination of toxins.

Alcohol is another ingredient that can damage the skin in a short period of time. Alcohol works great if you are in a doctor’s office trying to sanitize a cut or infection. The problem with it as a skincare ingredient is that it removes that skin’s natural protective oils. You want to look for ways to protect and support those natural oils, not remove them.

The last type of damaging ingredient I want to discuss is synthetic chemicals. Why would you ever put something on your skin that is a chemical developed in a laboratory somewhere? The most prevalent chemicals in skincare creams and lotions are paraben preservatives. Sure, they are effective in keeping bacteria from developing in a product, but they have been linked to some serious health concerns including breast cancer.

Chemical preservatives are just not necessary. Instead, the best skincare products will use natural preservatives such as vitamin E. Not only is it effective to prevent bacteria from developing, but it does double duty by acting as an antioxidant that nourishes the skin.

Look For Natural Ingredients to Nourish Your Skin

If you really want to find the best skincare creams and lotions look primarily for natural ingredients. While there is no such thing as 100% natural, you should keep your eye on the ingredient list. The primary active ingredients should all be plant based. Here’s a few that have been proven to be effective as ingredients in skincare creams and lotions.

1. Jojoba Oil comes from the jojoba plant that grows in the southwestern United States and Mexico. This oil is very similar to the natural oil produced by the human skin so it naturally moisturizes as it is absorbed into the skin.

2. Phytessence Wakame is an extract taken from a Japanese sea kelp. Kelp has a very high concentration of vitamins and minerals so it is incredibly nourishing to the skin.

3. One of the most exciting recent developments in skincare ingredients is called Cynergy TK. It is rich in the protein, keratin. This unique form of keratin is able to be easily absorbed into the skin where it increases the production of collagen and elastin. The increased levels of collagen and elastin have been shown clinically to help fill out the skin, causing a decrease in wrinkles and lines.

These and other scientifically proven skincare ingredients are covered in detail on my website. As you continue your search for the best skincare products, remember that many creams and lotions out there can damage your skin in the long run. However, today’s natural plant based ingredients can improve the quality of your skin in ways that were difficult to obtain even a few years ago.