Why Are Email Mailing Lists So Effective?

Mailing lists are nothing new. Although not in the same way they are today, they have been popular even before the internet was made publicly available on a large scale. Marketers saw sending offers directly to people’s homes was an effective form of marketing, so used to collect people’s details in order to do this. Marketers also realised that sending offers to people who had already shown an interest in your product converted more sales then random addresses they got. Naturally, most marketers started to focus on this strategy. liteblue usps gov

Email based mailing lists are pretty much based on the same theory that made postal mailing lists so popular before the internet boom. Like postal lists, email marketers send messages where people will be likely to see it (Their email inbox), using incentives to get people to sign up to their list in the first place, and monetize their mailing list by good communications with their subscribers and promoting products and services to them (Often in a way the customer doesn’t know they’re being sold to).

So why are email mailing lists so effective? Well, for a number of reasons, but I’m going to list the main ones. For starters, email marketing beats traditional mailing lists for speed. While it’d take a good while to get communications to customers via post, with email mailing lists you can get messages to them instantly. This is ideal if you have some breaking news to promote. With online business you have to be quick to reach your customer before your competitors do, so the timing on your information is crucial. Because many people expect fast communications theses days, you will automatically lose customers if your rivals offer a news letter service and you don’t.

Another reason why email list are so effective is because they’re so cheap. You can send as many email as you want within the month and not have to pay more then a set price. With postal news letters, the more you send out to your customers the more cost you incur. You have to pay for postage, packaging, and any materials you use inside.

One final reason email mailing lists are so effective is because they’re hard to avoid. A lot of people check their emails daily, so emailing them reminds them about you and your business every time. The more they see your name the more they’ll (Usually) feel fonder and more responsive to you. Make sure you don’t over do this and email them all the time though as that feel of a bond will turn into annoyance.